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Welcome to the Fine Artist Vincent Artist

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Welcome to the Blog of the Fine Artist | Art Collector | Art Critic known as Vincent Artist

This is the second Blog of Vincent Artist for the website, with the first one full located which contains, Artist Advice, Artworks of Drawings, Paintings and Sculptures


Artist Statement:

UK-based Vincent Artist is a Conceptual Artist and Post Pop Artist is best known for his abstract use of repetitive vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines superimposed with four-letter words forming a playable word search.

“The idea or concept [Conceptual Art] is the most important aspect of the work, and I use any medium [painting, digital, printmaking or sculpture] to convey the idea to the piece of Fine Art”

The Artist is interested in the "Duplicity of Life", the interaction between opposites, yin & yang, war & peace, love & hate, rich & poor, life & death. The Artist juxtaposes these contrasts with the innocent of Toys and Games used in our youth.

Vincent da Vinci most recent body of work includes "Flags of the World" which communicates with viewers through linguistics, semiotics, and cryptography. The series includes English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and American Flags superimposed with four-letter words of their respective language forming playable word search from A to Z.

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Duplicity of Life: West v East of London 2019 For SALE

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