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Artist Advice: Why write a Bio?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

In another thread, I’ve been writing critiques of Artists work here [on Artfinder], and I’ve noticed that a few Artist could improve on their ‘About’ section by including a Bio that contains an Artist Statement. I’ve recently come across an article; that I think is relevant entitled ‘What we learned from writing 7000 Artist Bios’. In particular, ‘Why write a Bio?’ which contains, physical context, subject matter, art-historical, context, popular culture, quotes, and gives some examples. Without this information I’ve find it difficult to understand ‘About’ You as an Artist and your Practice, and give a proper assessment, and if I’m having difficulty then I’m sure your buyers may too, and you may be under selling yourselves.

Although mine isn’t currently in this format, it contains elements of this and I will be updating it, soon. Similarly, I think some of this information could be expanded into your ‘Descriptions’ when relevant, but keeping to 120 words, which I think is manageable.

What's you're views on this?


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