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Vinci Art previous body of work includes antonyms in which the Artists explores the opposites, such as yin & yang, war & peace, love & hate, rich & poor, life & death.

This painting is a piece of Conceptual Art, that follows a sequence or order, with ASCII Text (Alphabetical Letters) that represents a secret message in Binary Code. An infill square of colours indicates 1 in Binary code, and 0 when infill left blank white and spells the word in Binary Code.

Disasters of Wars

Disasters of War, which is a homage to Heroes and Villains from World War I & II, by the use of humorous and tongue-in-cheek language to explore the more serious issues of the past to the present day. Heroes and Villains are portrayed in life, death, and immortality by the use of toys of our innocent youth. The toys are used as a satirical look at the Disasters of Wars revealing shock and truths of war and violence in a playful way.​

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