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This is a collection of original, one-off Monoprints Sketches on A4 Paper. He has many ideas and concepts, and is exploring them in this collection, such as contrasts between Love & Hate, War & Peace, Rich & Poor, Life and Death etc. He is exploring a different technique by using a technique, to capture his thoughts, more quickly, without going into more detail with his other Digital work and Painting work. Thereby, he can respond more quickly to events happening here and now, and maybe transfer these to more detailed works later.


This technique has been inspired by a recent Masterclass Lecture by Tracey Emin RA (Royal Academy & Turner Prize), and uses drawing freehand writing words with illustration in pen and ink, forward and mirrored in reverse on the back of the paper which creates a unique one off Monoprint image on the front. The first image is the front printed in Acrylic Monoprint The second image is the rear of the handwritten in Pen & Ink A5 Monoprint on A4 100g Paper

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