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UK-based Vincent Artist is a Conceptual Artist and Post Pop Artist who is best known for his abstract use of repetitive vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines superimposed with four-letter words forming a playable word search.

“The idea or concept [Conceptual Art] is the most important aspect of the work, and I use any medium [painting, digital, printmaking or sculpture] to convey the idea to the piece of Fine Art”

The Artist is interested in the interaction between opposites, yin & yang, war & peace, love & hate, rich & poor, and life & death. The Artist juxtaposes these contrasts with the innocent of Toys and Games used in our youth.

Vincent Artist's most recent body of work includes the "Berry Series" influenced by textiles and cloth of “Plaid” or tartan one of the most widely used patterns in history. The work used a combination of vertical stripes and horizontal stripes with transparency to the underlayer. The stripes follow a sequence or order from dark to light, known as Conceptual Art.

​The previous body of work includes "Flags of the World" which communicates with viewers through linguistics, semiotics, and cryptography. The series includes English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and American Flags superimposed with four-letter words of their respective language forming a playable word search from A to Z.


​His previous works include, "Retro Celebrity Stars", which is a homage to Celebrities of our past from the films of the Hollywood Golden Era to the present day. Every one of these individuals helped create the world we live in today, and though we know their names, their actual images might be fading from our memory.


"Disasters of War", is a homage to Heroes and Villains from World War I & II, by the use of humorous and tongue-in-cheek language to explore the more serious issues of the past to the present day. Heroes and Villains are portrayed in life, death, and immortality by the use of toys of our innocent youth. The toys are used as a satirical look at the “Disasters of Wars” revealing shock and truths of war and violence in a playful way.

“Liberty X Escape by Brooklyn Bridge” 3ft x 4 ft, 2012 Inspired by the collapse of the World Trade Centres during 9/11, New York, USA and features a word search of simple Four Letter Words taken from Poetry made by Heroes from the front line, of the Wars (Soldiers, Army, Navy), and the contrasting Poems by Villains from Prisoners of Wars.

These works have been influenced by the Pop Art movement with simple outline drawings, infill textures, and comic text, with hidden messages, with playable word searches, such as the work by Michael Craig-Martin, Julian Opie, and Angela Bulloch, and he has been influenced by other art movements such as Cubism, Pablo Picasso, Dadaism, Marcel Duchamp, Neo-Plasticism, Piet Mondrian, Sensationalism Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Luke Jerram and Chapman Brothers and Conceptual Artist Sol LeWitt.

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